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About Sunkool

Sunkool Solution, a leading supplier of window film and paint protection solutions in India, offers high quality films for all types of glass windows. It serves as an excellent resource for consumers who are looking for window film and car paint protection. We incepted our journey in 2006. With a history of quality, trust, and complete customer satisfaction, with a name synonymous with trust, we have prided ourselves on becoming the symbol of reliability. In addition to our commitment to product safety and sustainability, we place a great deal of emphasis upon understanding both the technical specifications as well as the day-to-day practical challenges faced by our customers. 

The application of the most advanced technologies and streamlined processes to meet the requirements and needs of our clients is an integral part of our commitment to provide them with the highest possible services. This system delivers superior protection, comfort, and style to your life, combined with the highest degree of service and support available.

To offer layers of comfort, luxury and protection against external elements our products have been scientifically formulated. Glass is a very special sort of material that offers plenty of potential benefits with some limitations that need to be overcome. Our goal is to ensure that the products we deliver to our customers, our dealers, and everywhere throughout the country meet the highest quality standards, thereby maximizing the glass windows' effectiveness. Consequently, they will be able to make the best use of their window applications.


Our specialty is using a film which is less tinted to prevent the eyes from being overly affected by glare complimented with additional rejection of heat and infrared radiations, which leads to uncomfortable experiences.


Furthermore, the after sales service is less hectic and easier to use from the user's perspective, with a self-reporting system for hassle-free complaints and a warranty that can be claimed by the user. The strength of our organization lies in our commitment to delivering on our promises.

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